And the Balsamic Vinegar Bottle Went Plop, Oh, Oh

Tuesday December 2, 2014 Guerneville CA.

It looked like it might rain today, so I decided to do some shopping and visiting and maybe fix a computer later in the day.

Daniel stopped by first thing this morning for a visit, He was interested in the round stone marbles I ‘d picked up down by Ajo, AZ. last year.

Here’s a sample of some of the spherical rock marbles.marbles_thumb1


Here’s a link to that post.

I’d given him a few awhile back and he’s into them as medicine type old Indian, is the way I’d put it. Apparently these round stone spheres were highly regarded in olden days and maybe still today by some.

Anyway, we shot the bull for a bit and I gave him most of my marbles and sent him on his way a happy man with his new treasures.

Now for some shopping

The plan for the rest of the day was to do some grocery shopping and then stop in and see about fixing that computer. I tried to call the people with the computer before I left, but only was able to leave a message that I was coming, hoping they might be home after I did my shopping.

The shopping went well, I think I bought out the store. I headed over to look at the computer on the way home, but, unfortunately, no one was home, so I didn’t accomplish that.


While thinking about working on that computer, I realized I’m retired and don’t need to be chasing around fixing computers any more as it gets in the way with my play, so decided this was a good time to stop doing that. Retired is retired. :O)

And the big plop

So, I went on home and was putting my groceries away stacking things on the counter when I gave some stuff a little push and heard something go plop. Darn, Red stuff was flowing all over the floor and down under my island counter. It sure smelled good as it was a new bottle of Balsamic Vinegar.

Now, that stuff is a bit on the thick side and a whole bottle just dumped on the floor and it was running down my not level floor. Only thing I could think to do was get some towels and start soaking it up. I did that and followed up with a rinse and into the wash with the towels.

Interesting side note is, one of the main reasons I went shopping in the first place was to get that bottle of Balsamic Vinegar.

The house still smells nice. :O)

It sounds like we have some more rain coming in on and off for the rest of the week which is much needed. Maybe I can get out in my yak somewhere during all this, otherwise, I need to do some house cleaning, so I hope I can get my boat out in the water. :O)

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