Campfire Night at Quartzsite

Tuesday March 4, 2014 Quartzsite AZ.

And trying to rest up the sore ankle

This morning I got up and slowly got it going as the sun warmed up the van. The sun was out and it seemed like it was going to be a nice day to rest up my ankle.

The first thing I did after getting it going was to go over to the Quartzsite library and post yesterdays blog. For some reason things post slow over there, but the job gets done.

Then I went over to visit Patti and Marty. Marty and I worked on some minor computer problems he was having most of the day without a lot of success, but it kept us occupied and out of trouble.

We made some plans to go jeeping tomorrow, Wednesday with the group of jeepers. All we know is to meet on the east side of Quartzsite at nine AM, so we must be going someplace to  the east of here? A lot of the jeepers are also rockers, so we might have to do some of that too?

Let’s see, I also hand washed my socks and put them out to dry while I was over there. One has to have clean socks every day, I learned that in the military.

Around five PM, I left for my Quartzsite campsite. Soon the sun was going down and my campsite looked like this.sunsetcamp


Since the night wasn’t too windy and not too cold either, I decided it was about time to have a little camp fire. I got a piece of waxed log out and lit it off. Amazing what a little flame can do to change things in an instant.

My campsite with a campfire in it.vancamp


Of course I sat in my chair and stared at the fire.campfire


And into it too. There’s just something about a a camp fire. :O)



Of course I spent most of the day resting my sprained ankle. It’s slowly getting better. In the morning it feels pretty good, but then I need to use it a bit during the day and by night time, it doesn’t feel so good. It’s going to be awhile before I can just go walking off where ever I please.

Tomorrow’s jeep ride isn’t going to be too good on the ankle either, what with me jumping in and out taking photo’s, but some one has to do it. :O)

Weather has been real nice in Quartzsite.

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