Jeeping with the Jeepers

Wednesday March 5, 2014 Quartzsite AZ.

Hovatter Road, around Pyramid Mountain to Salome, AZ. Jeeping

This morning I met Marty and Patti at their place at 8:30AM, bright and early for me. We were going jeeping somewhere east of Quartzsite. We all met at the Arco station east of town at nine and we were off east on I-10 to Hovatter Rd. I hope I spelled that right? It was thirty five or miles east of Quartzsite. We turned off at that exit and immediately drove off the good road onto a side road that went to an old mining area that the rock hounds wanted to check for rocks of some kind? I heard the word crystal  more than once, so maybe that was it. I didn’t get to look because I was trying to take it easy on my sprained ankle.


Here is most of the group just as we left I-10, right onto Hovatter Road. Those that wished aired down and we had to wait for another jeep to show up. I’m riding shotgun in the red jeep and am mostly worthless with my sprained ankle. :O) Lucky for me, my position as shotgun meant I only had to sit there and hope no bad guys attacked. None did, by the way. We took off shortly.jeepers


We only went a short distance through some lush desert to an old mine area. This is the route heading to the mining area.trail


We stopped at the mining area and most everyone headed off looking for rocks. Marty got out two chairs and he and I sat and watched and shot the bull a bit, until their rock appetites were appeased. :O)rockers

And Pattie was doing crosswords or something in the back of one of the other jeeps. I have to thank Patti for making my jeep ride possible by letting me have her place as shotgun and moving to the backseat of one of the other jeeps, not the best place to ride. Thank you Patti.

After that we crossed over I-10 on Hovatter road and followed that road for a bit. The road is in fairly good shape.trail2


We turned right off the main road up a side road. We stopped for a bit of discussion. Marty and I were just following the jeeps, so it didn’t  matter to us which way they went. But they wanted to go around this mountain they called the Pyramid and weren’t sure where the road was? So, we explored.discussion


The road was a little bit of everything, but mostly scenic. We just had to follow these guys.trail4


The leader pulled into a wash and Marty said out his window to him. Lunch?

He said Lunch, so that’s what we did.lunch


After a nice leisurely lunch break we got back on the trail.trail6


The road was a little rocky in some places, but not really too bad. We cruised right along on most of it. Lots of yellow flowers out.trail5


There were a few little steep spots that were no problem for any of these experienced jeepers. :O) A little rough stuff makes the trip more enjoyable.road


Even the rough stuff was scenic.hill


Eventually we worked our way up onto a skinny ridge top that had a nice view. That’s either Hope or Salome? I never did get the story straight? And driving down the narrow ridge back was spookier than this picture looks too.



Off on another side road we spied a mine and headed for it. Not sure what kind of mine it was? It had a small tunnel, but didn’t look very successful what ever they were after?mine


We stopped there at the mine for a bit, then headed back down the road and soon came out in Salome, AZ.

We all pulled into some fruit stand place and Marty aired his tires back up to their highway pressures, while I watched. He has his hood up to get to the battery to hook up his air compressor which is on the ground.airup


From there, most everyone else headed to the Kofa Café to get pie and ice cream. Marty and I headed on home where we got a much needed nap.  I would of liked to of had some pie and ice cream, but since I’m allergic to corn stuff, I can’t eat out anymore. But my mouth still waters. I still remember. :O)

I had a nice day thank you Patti and Marty and all the Jeepers too.

Tomorrow’s Plan

My plan is to head north on 95 to Parker to shop for bit, then keep heading north towards the Ruby Mountain area in Nevada. There is a marsh and a lake on the east side of the range I’d like to check out. I also plan to go by Rim of Fire, east of Las Vegas just to go that way and avoid Vegas too.

I’m not sure where I’ll get internet access after posting this one tomorrow at the Parker McDonalds. So, it might be a day or so or more before I’ll post again.

As usual, I’m playing it by ear. I’m going into a colder area and possible rain and or snow, so I need to be flexible in which direction I choose to travel.

I’m actually headed up to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation, Nevada and the Jarbidge, Nevada area if weather permits? These are some of my favorite places in the State of Nevada, not the places so much as the area around them. It’s Open Range Area, which means you can drive around and camp most anywhere, even on ranches. I haven’t been into the area this early in the spring before, so I’m not sure what I’m in for?

See you up the road somewhere.

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