Installing Three Bridges Across the Creeks and a Forest Ride

Monday May 27, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Moving bridges

I’d built these three bridges or walkways a while back for the creeks up on the Talking Trees Trail up in the forest to get across the creeks when it’s raining and you are hiking and don’t want to get your feet wet.

It was time to get them installed on the trail. Gerald, Barry’s nephew was going to help me get them up onto the trail. We loaded them on my trailer for the first part of their trip and took them up to where the trail started.trailer1

These things are made of steel and fairly heavy so it was a good thing I had a young guy to help me move them.  We unloaded them here where the trail starts. The trail is too narrow for Hondo and the trailer.walkways2

We drove back to my house and got a quad runner to drag them up the trail, one at a time.

Using a chain, we hooked one on the quad runner and pulled it up to the spot where it was going to do it’s job.quad3

We installed it where the trail crosses this little creek that runs in the winter when it rains.bridged4

We went back and got the second one and installed it here.bridge5

Dragging them with the quad runner made the job easy. We pulled the last one to this crossing.quad6

Once that one was placed we were done with that job.creek7

Bike ride

So, it was time to play so we got the dirt bikes out and went for a ride in the forest.

Here we’ve stopped at a spring for a drink of water.spring8

We rode around quite a bit before heading to our break area at the top.top9

Another nice view from that spot, as always.view10

After a good break we rode around some more until we were all tired out from all the fun.

Nice day.

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