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Saturday February 15, 2014 Jenner CA.

Sometimes it’s nice to kayak in the rain

When I woke up this morning, there was  a light drizzle, but it seemed to be stopping. Knowing that it was supposed to rain this afternoon, I put on my rain gear and headed for Jenner to kayak for the day. When I arrived at Jenner, there were clouds and some high fog, but no rain yet, so I put my boat in the water. Since I had spent some time yesterday cleaning mud off he boat ramp, I stayed out of the mud today.

It was high tide as I crossed over to Penny Island and sat for a bit figuring out which way to go today, up or down the river?……….. Decisions?  Down towards the rivers mouth it looked like the waves were big and spilling into the river a bit.

I could see just down the river from me there were some harbor seals with a big fish. The give away was a lot of splashing and several seagulls diving to get some scraps.

Ok, I’ll head down that way and check out what’s going on. I failed to gets pics of the harbor seals eating the big fish. I continued on down the river.

There were a bunch of harbor seals on the west end of Penny Island I stopped and watched them for a bit and a lady in a kayak came by so we yakked for a bit, then I continued on down to the river’s mouth.

Harbor seals.seals


As I arrived at the river’s mouth, big waves were coming into the river through the mouth and making the river water real choppy and worse than that, it was causing swells in the river.  One too many dimensions for my inter ear to deal with and that’s not good for me as I get motion sickness real easy and looking through a camera doesn’t help one little bit either.

Just a few seagulls

There were a lot of seagulls resting on the beach in the area and people walking on the beach were stirring them up, so they fly into the air.

The view of the river’s mouth as I approached it today, looking out to the Pacific ocean.mouth


I got a bit closer, you can see a few seagulls flying around? :O)seagulls


The water in the river was moving this way and that because of the ocean waves coming into the river and I was getting a bit woozy and barely got out of the area in time, making me feel not so good.

The air temp was around sixty degrees F., so the day was mostly on the pleasant size even with the clouds and the fog. It started to drizzle lightly for a bit, but I decided to tough it out and stayed on the water.

This is my view looking back towards the town of Jenner as I started back up the river in a light mist.jenner


It wasn’t long before I got out of those swells and started feeling a little better.

I stopped just past the east end of Penny island for  a bit and this is what my view looked like looking back down to the town of Jenner.jenner2


I continued on up the river towards Otter’s log and the drizzle let up.

My view looking up the river as I approached Otter’s log, which is that thing on the right edge of the photo.paddle


I stopped at Otter’s log for awhile and looked around, then headed on up to Eagle’s landing where I spent some time watching.

This is my view as I came into the Eagle’s landing area, where I sat for awhile.eaglelanding


Looking across the river to Paddy’s rock, I took this photo of about sixty five cormorants resting on some gravel. Quite a few more than yesterday. The muddy river water is starting to clear so the fishing is easier.cormorants3


Some sea lions were also hunting today, as the water is getting clear enough for them to catch fish too.

This is a sea lion hunting on by me. They move fast and are hard to get a picture of them.sealion2


I paddled up the river just a little further, where I rested and watched and eventually turned around and headed back down the river.

This is Eagle’s Landing as I approached it heading back down the river.landing


Just past that, I spied a King Fisher sitting on a branch, do I dare to try to get a picture, they usually fly just as I get the camera up, but today, this one stayed just long enough for me to get a picture of it. I usually get a blurred bird.kingfisher


By this time, a light rain was staring to fall. It was warm and not too bad, so I took my time heading in for the day.

This is what the town of Jenner looked like as I paddled in a light rain.jenner3


Just as I was passing the big tree on Penny Island, I spied a bald eagle in the top of the tree. I was thinking I’m glad I’m not a bird as I can go home to a nice cozy warm place. It seemed to be happy sitting up there though. It could of flown off or just gone down lower to a dry part of he tree, but maybe it was just enjoying the light rain, like I was?eagle


The rain was starting to pick up, so I headed on in for the day and got out of my boat without getting all full of mud, since I cleaned the ramp off yesterday. See, sometimes a little work pays off and I got some exercise too.

I went on home and turned the heat up, had a bite to eat and a nice nap.

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