No Meat Birds, Some Shopping and the Hot Water Tank Blows

Thursday May 9, 2019 Guerneville CA.

After some meat bird chicks

As soon as I got it going today I  gave Western Farm a call to see if they still had any meat bird chicks. He said they  had 6 so I headed over to Santa Rosa to get them before someone else did. I should of asked the guy to hold them for me as when I arrived and checked there were no meat bird chicks. I got a guy who worked there and he checked and no chicks. I did see some white turkey chicks that look a little like the meat birds. I think the guy I called screwed up but nobody was going to admit anything and it didn’t matter anyway.

Now what to do

Now what to do as long I was in the city area. I went over to Marty’s for a visit but no one was home so I headed to Cash and Carry and bought some big bags of beans and rice and then headed to Costco and bought some more stuff to eat.

From there I went on home stopping for gas on the way.

Oh oh water

I started unloading and putting the stuff in my pantry. I noticed it was a little wet under where the onions of my last buy were and thought it was just a rotten onion so I started to clean it up and there was more water there than in an onion.

17 years isn’t long enough

Well the hot water tank was close by and sure enough it was pouring water out the top. I turned the water off to the tank and will have to go back to the shopping area tomorrow and pick one up. That one was installed in 2002 so made 17 years.

Band saw switch arrived

Next I went over to check my brother’s mail box to see if the new switch had come in for his hand band saw and it had.

But I wasn’t quite feeling up to replacing the switch yet even though it’s a fairly easy job.

And the cars axle needs changed too

My new rear axle for my car came in too and is sitting on the carport floor waiting to get installed. The old one in the car is making quite a bit of noise and I need to drive it to the shopping center tomorrow so I expect even more noise but it should make it alright as they are built quite beefy and will usually make enough noise to drive you crazy before the part would actually break.

It sure seems like I always have a lot of stuff to fix all the time. Not sure why? :O)

The day was ok even though it didn’t’ go so well. :O)

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2 Responses to No Meat Birds, Some Shopping and the Hot Water Tank Blows

  1. Duane Pohlmann says:

    You can order meat birds though the mail not sure about minimum number we have had good luck doing this

  2. George Yates says:

    Too bad no meat birds maybe another time. It seems we all have things to fix, If it was man made it will break at some point.

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