Gathering Some Wood and Trail Work Between the Rains

Tuesday February 20, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

It seems most days are rainy lately, but that’s ok with me. Rain makes everything go.

The rain stopped for a bit around noon and was to continue around three, so that meant I had some time to get some stuff done.


I rode on up to the big tree I was cutting off the road to get a load of firewood.wood1

It didn’t take long to fill up the rig with firewood.loaded2

I continued on down the road and stopped at Choker Spring for a drink of water.rig3

Choker Spring for a drink of water. The little stream is flowing quite nicely right now with all the rain.spring4


A little further down that road brings me to this overlook where there is a trail I’m working on.


The forest looks like it’s raining but it’s actually water vapor rising back up after the rain.forest5

Trail work

I walked out the trail where I have some tools and a chair stashed and sat down for a break. I’m going to widen this part of the trail out today.trail7

The rain had stopped but the trees were still dripping like it was raining lightly.

I worked until the real rain started again with a shower and only got half of what I’d planned to do today done.trail8


Time to go before I get real wet. I stopped in a couple spots to cut some tree roots with the Sawzall since the battery had a good charge on it.roots9


Back at the overlook, this is now light rain coming down.rain10

I didn’t stay at the overlook long as I was getting wet with no rain gear on.

Back home, I had to wait until a shower stopped before unloading the wood from the rig. I’ll have to split those larger ones.wood11

Nice day.

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