Great Day on the Russian River Estuary


Restful day at Jenner today.

I got on the road just after ten this morning to a gloomy type day, but as I approached the Jenner area, things brightened up a bit and it was real calm on the Russian River today.

I did have one thing I needed to take care of today, I needed to talk with the boss of the guy that gave me a bad time the other day. I knew the boss person well and just wanted them to know, I wasn’t pleased with the fact that I’d been told that if I was on the river when the science kids where on it, he’d call the sheriff on me. I felt that since the guy was working for this person, they were responsible for this persons actions and should realize he was not a good person to represent them. It was agreed that this guy treated me very poorly and I was satisfied that this should be the end of it, so that’s all in the past, I hope. :O) Doing this wasn’t too stressful on me and I felt I needed to do this to put this to rest. Doing so,  I felt better about the situation. Let’s get to kayaking, much more fun.

I put the boat in at the visitors center, mostly only me on the water besides a couple biologist boats somewhere, shown by the boat trailers in the parking lot. The wind was down and the water was clam. The mouth was closed and the water height of the river was rising slowly, maybe a foot or so each day.

I crossed over to Penny Island right away paddled up stream a bit where I ran into this nice specimen of a seal. They must be getting their winter coats, doesn’t this one’s coat look nice enough to wear? :O)



The seal didn’t seem to be to bothered by me as I approached, neither were these other birds, which I dubbed, the gang. These other birds are cormorants and a seagull.



Good chat with a biologist.

I paddled past the seal and found a Biologist poking around with his boat in one of my favorite observation areas, the otters log. I talked with this guy before, so we stuck up a conversation and I proceeded to bounce what I’d learned about things down there this year. We must have talked for an hour or so, I bounced things off him and we traded information about the river estuary. No augments, just discussion, just the way I like it. :O)

Paddle on and take it easy.

From there I paddled up the river along the shore line toward the highway one bridge, poking around and dottling along the way. I’m not sure how far I went up river, but eventually turned around a slowly made my way back down to Penny Island, where I saw this mallard ducks sitting on the water in front of the old milk barn, on the east end. Just after this picture, they all jumped into the air with a start and flew away.



I decided to get out of the boat on the west end of the island to check on the cow skull I’d found before on a previous trip to shore.  This time I decided to uncover it a bit to take some pics



A close up of the eye socket, just playing with my camera.



This picture is where I landed my yak on the west end of the island to check out the cow skull, looking out toward the Pacific ocean, which would be in the back ground.



I was off the water around three thirty and went home to do a bit of work. I needed to get the last of my fire wood into my wood shed. That took about three wheel barrels worth, as I had already got most of it in before this. Of course, this process caused me to have to sit in the yard for awhile and just enjoy the evening, until I felt a nap coming on.

Another great day on the Russian River.

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