Jenner California

Wednesday January 22, 2014 Jenner CA.

Kayaking Jenner, is it really winter?

The car repair I did yesterday seemed to fix my car missing problem when cold as it didn’t do it on the way to Jenner this morning so I can cross that off the list.

I launched my boat and parked my car and was walking to the ramp when I passed a lady getting ready to go kayaking, so I said hi and we talked for a bit about what happens in the estuary. This lady seemed to know quite a bit about marine life and after I left her and thought about it, I think she might be a biologist or something, I should of inquired.

Anyway, the sun was out with a light wind with just a bit of water vapor in the air as I headed across the river to Penny Island. I sat in my boat in the little channel at the east end of the island and took it easy for a bit before continuing on up the river towards Eagle’s landing.

I passed these female merganser ducks on the way.mergansers


I made it to eagle’s landing and slowly worked my way across the river to Paddy’s rock and on up to the highway one bridge where I sat around for a while just enjoying the nice day. The wind died down sometime along the way to a breeze.

I sat under that green cypress tree for awhile before turning back down the river.bridge


I passed by a bunch or I guess it is a flock of geese in the cow pasture. Jenner is in the background. Coots in the water.geese


Near the geese were a couple guys pulling out old redwood fence posts in the cow pasture with a big scoop loader. They have a bucket full of fence posts in this picture.loader


A view of Jenner as I paddled down river.jenner3


Another view of Jenner. The green grass is just starting to green up, some rain would help.jenner2


I paddled back into the little channel on the east end of Penny Island and took it easy for awhile and this is my view of Jenner from this spot.jenner4


After awhile I got tired of resting in that spot and moved on down to the river’s mouth area.

The ocean was still real rough and the mouth is still closed. No waves were breaking over the sand today, as the high tide was too low for that to happen.

This is the view I had looking back up the river towards Jenner from the river’s mouth area.jenner6


After tiring of that spot I headed back over to the west end of Penny Island to see if I could paddle onto the island as the water was just getting high enough to get onto it. I was only able to paddle in a short distance, so far.

This is the view of Jenner I had, looking out from the middle of  Penny Island.jenner7


Another view of Jenner as I just came out from Penny Island. The water is smoothing out.jenner5


With the water going flat, the reflections were getting quite nice. More Jenner.jenner8


This is my view as I approached the Jenner visitor center.jenner9


And this is another view of part of Jenner as I approached the visitor center.jenner11


By this time, the sun was almost down, so it was reflecting off the windows of homes in Jenner.jenner10


I checked the water level gauge at the visitor center. About six and a half feet. It’s coming up slow now, so I think it will likely be next week before they open the river’s mouth, maybe on Monday, after it reaches seven feet.gauge]


I pulled my boat out just at sunset and this is my last picture for the day.sunset

Another nice day kayaking the Jenner Estuary.

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