Jenner has Lots of Birds Today

Saturday July 13, 2013 Jenner, CA.

Since it’s Saturday, I don’t like to get to Jenner too early to kayak, mostly because of parking and boat ramp problems with people. So, I decided to go visit my friend Joe over by the airport, which I did. We had a nice visit, checked out his nice garden, then I went over to another friends and finished off his computer that I worked on the other day. I finally found all the right drivers for it and Win8 finally loaded properly and it got activated this time. Last time, I couldn’t get it to activate. So all is good on that front.

After that, I went back home. For some reason the traffic was really backed up at the light in Guerneville. Seeing this on approaching, I veered to a side, back road that put me in front of most of those waiting to get though, which was good. Saved me gas and time and frustration too. :O) I had something to eat and then went on down to Jenner around 3 PM, noting my fuel tank in the car was a bit low, but I didn’t want to mess with the people in town, so I took a chance and went on to Jenner, hoping I had enough to get home? There is a station in Jenner, but he costs more, so I try to avoid that, but it’s my ace in the hole if I screw up on the gas thing.

It was mostly sunny in Jenner, with a little light fog trying to come in off the ocean. Just a light breeze today, very nice.

I put my boat in the water and headed across to Penny Island and on up the river on the south shore side to Eagle’s landing where I took a long break just enjoying the nice day.

Some Buzzards landed in the grass in the field across the river from me, soooooooooooo, I had to go see what they might be eating. They were very close to Paddy’s rock, so I paddled over to it and landed on the shore line by it.

This is where I landed to check out the turkey vultures that just landed in the grass here. Jenner is in the background.shorepaddys 


The turkey vultures seemed to be doing something in the grass, I know not what? I saw a bit of peaking order stuff, took this picture and they all flew into the air and away. I went over to inspect the area where they were and couldn’t find anything that they might have been eating. Buzzards need breaks too. :O)vultures


I put my boat back in the water and headed down the back side of Penny Island to the western end. I noted that there were a lot of birds sitting on the shore on the western end of the island and some in the water too. Pelicans, seagulls and terns. I went on by without taking any pics as I decided I’d try and get some on the way back after I checked out the river’s mouth area, so I continued on my way.

The below picture is what it looked like as I approached the river’s mouth.rivermouth


It was high tide and the ocean was rough with lots of seals and birds on the beach just inside the mouth.mouth


I watched a seal pup swim up and join this group of seals on the right side of the river’s mouth.sealpup


There were lots of birds on the sand and a few in the water. Brown Pelicans and seagulls mostly in this spot.birds


I didn’t stay down near the mouth too long as it was getting a bit chilly and I was too lazy to put on more cloths, so I headed on back toward the put in site, but first I stopped near the west end of Penny Island and got some pics of the birds there.

Here are some white pelicans preening and some gulls.pelicanswhite


Some of the brown pelicans took off as I approached.pelicans


Not all of the brown pelicans took off, some stayed. This one just seems to be stretching, maybe thinking about taking off, but it never did.brownpelican


You likely think this picture is all about that big brown pelican, well it was until I saw the tern on the right with a little fish in it’s mouth. I’ve noticed terns resting on the shore before with a little fish hanging out of it’s mouth. I think they go out to feed somewhere where the little fish are plentiful, in the ocean. They return with a tummy so full it won’t hold anymore. The little fish in the bill is just a little snack for later?Pelternfish

I headed on in after taking pictures of these birds and took my boat out of the water around seven pm or so and went on home.

Oh, I decided I could likely get back to Guerneville with the gas I had in the car and I did , so I stopped for gas before going home.

Had a good day.

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