Cruising Deer Creek Road, AZ.

Sunday February 23, 2014 Quartzsite AZ.

I was fairly beat from my drive yesterday, so I sleep in a little and started getting going around nine AM. I was sitting in my chair enjoying the morning when I heard a .22 shot off in the desert not too far from me, about a hundred yards. And then another shot, over there and another one. There seemed to be some hunters hunting the desert near me. Didn’t surprise me as there was a camp I came by to get to this camp spot which looked like hunters. They seemed to be spread out hunting and the hunting must have been good as the shooting kept up sporadically.

Remember the picture of the little bunny rabbit in yesterdays blog? Little Bunny’s likely taste real good and I think that is what they were hunting.

After awhile, I got tired of hearing all the shots, so packed up and headed out. I waved to the hunters that were in camp when I passed and they waved back.

I’d pulled off the main Deer Creek Road to find this camp spot and I had to find my way back taking the correct turns at each fork in the road.

This is the road I was driving headed back to the main road, Deer Creek.camproad


I turned south on Deer Creek Road, a right turn. mainroad


Some of Deer Creek Road is nice and smooth and other parts of it are rackety washboard. It’s a nice road to travel just the same.deercreek


Continuing South at a leisurely pace.deeroad


The road more or less follows the train tracks most of the way. This is the only place I can remember crossing them.train


Some train car activity on the right as the road parallels the tracks.traincar


How bad washboard can be is somewhat determined by how long it’s been since the last time the road got graded. Last year, this road had just been graded and was nice and smooth.

This year the road hasn’t been graded yet, so yes, there was some bone jarring washboards at times. Best thing to do for that kind of washboard is to slow way down and enjoy the scenery.

There was quite a bit of washboard on the road, like what is shown below.washboard


Looking on the map, it showed a fairly large size pond on the side of the road, with a road going over to it, almost a little lake.

I was watching my GPS to make sure I didn’t miss the road and here’s what I found on that road, sorta what I expected. The Thompson Ranch, no trespassing.waterhole


I stopped and at least took the traditional railroad photo, down the tracks, before moving on.



I continued on down the road until it came out on Highway 89 south. I turned off to Congress and headed to their library to see if I could get some internet access?

Darn, the library was closed, but some still leave the internet on. Yes, it was on, but it had a password, so no go.

Hummmm, guess I’ll go over to Wickenburg to post at the McD’s, so off I went. I spied the yellow arches so found McDonald’s. Parked right at the front door and hooked up my Wi-Fi and checked email, read a couple blogs and posted my blogs.

I wanted to find a Safeway too to get some fresh grub, but that Wickenburg proved too  much for me. It’s got several of those turn about circles and roads going off every which way. And lots of traffic too. Remember, I’m just coming off a boonies trip and this is back to reality. Wickenburg is not laid out like a normal town.

After one of those circle things, I found myself on highway 60 south, so what the hay, that’s the highway I would of taken after the store stop. Quartzsite it is.

So, I continued on to Quartzsite and got there just about the time it was getting dark.

I headed over to my friends, Patti and Marty’s who where staying at the Palms in town.

We talked and traded stories of what we’ve been doing and then I headed out to my camp area north east of town on Sun Kiss road, I think it is?

It’s nice and quiet here, although not as secluded as my previous camps.

Tomorrow’s plans

Tomorrow, I’m headed up to Parker to do my grocery shopping and then I’m headed up to the Bill Williams River to kayak for a couple days, then coming back to Quartzsite. As always, internet access may be sparse for a day or two?

Nice day cruising through the desert.

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