New Fridge and Power For the Van and Hooking Up an Old Spring In the Hills

Sunday May 12, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Marty showed up for a visit this morning. He brought his new 12 volt fridge/freezer over so I could try it out in my van as far as where I had room to put one. We tried it out in different spots, all of two.  Up on my shelf, I could only open the lid about two inches. That could work in a pinch, but it would be a pain most of the time.

The only other spot was on the floor by my bed. That seems to be the best spot for it and there was still enough room for a bed, although a bit narrower than before.

The fridge/freezer

This is a 12 volt compressor type cooler so it doesn’t need to run all the time, like the other type coolers I’ve used before that really weren’t that good. It operates from 0 to 50 degrees F. and Marty says it gets below freezing in about fifteen minutes.

House battery

Then we talked about what needed to be done to upgrade our house battery to a lithium battery. The lithium battery needs to be charged differently than a lead acid battery. The system will use the alternator and two solar panels on top of the van and use the cars starter battery to charge the house battery. The controller will keep the system balanced and not over discharge the starter battery.

Marty headed to my van to check it out.marty

After we had a a good bull session, we decided to go for a ride up into the hills to find a guy I needed to talk with and do some work extending a pipe in an old spring where there was already a pipe but it was fifty feet too short to make it down to the road where a drink of water would be easy to get. I also had a new tin cup for the Spring. But when we got up into the hills I discovered I left my camera and the tin cup back at my house.

So, anyway we headed over to my neighbor’s and just barely caught him home. I gave him directions on what I needed him to do on their main road so I can work on it soon.

Then, Marty and I headed for our rest spot at the top of the hill where we shot more bull for a bit.

Then, it was down off the ridge and down a road that went by the spring I wanted to extend the water pipe, so off we went.

I had a four hundred foot roll of plastic pipe in the rig and wasn’t exactly sure just how long a piece I’d need to get to the old spring pipe and down to where one could drink some water, so we just unrolled some of it and I drug the end up and hooked it into the pipe that was running full blast with water.

That wasn’t real smart as the pipe filled with water and it started to load up my four hundred foot roll with water and that would not be good as it would be too heavy to put back in the rig. I quickly got down to the roll and cut the hose with my knife, which resulted in me getting as good bath. It was a good thing the day was warm.

We worked our way back to my house and Marty took off for his home.

It was dinner time for me so I went in the house and cooked a steak.

Later I went out and did some chair hopping and lastly, closed up the chickens that were on their roost.girls

Nice day.

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