Prepping My New Water Well Site

Sunday October 19, 2014 Guerneville CA.

My plan for the day was to do some work on the well site in my yard.

I needed to move this heavy gate out of the way. It’s a spare gate and not used for anything, but I keep it around because it costs a lot and I may someday find a use for it, but for now it was just in the way and needed to be stored in a good place so I won’t have to move it again.gate


My brother left his tractor in my yard so I did have some help with that.gatemover


I hauled it over here and set it up against an old fence. That should do it.gatestoreage


Than I tackled the big old log with the tractor. The tractor made quick work out of that project. I just pushed it over to the left out of the way, out of the picture.log


Next, I had a tree whose limbs were going to get in the way of the drill trucks boom so I had to trim the branches. Some of the branches were a bit high, so I used the tractors bucket to get a bit higher with the tree pole saw which I used to cut the limbs.treetriming


Of course, that meant I had a bunch of tree limbs to pick up and get out of the way, so I took care of that.

After cleaning things up on the site, I gathered some pepperwood leaves nearby and spread them out on the site to make it look better.

I finished up and this is what the site looks like now.wellsite

I still need to trim some of the bamboo back that may interfere with the drill trucks boom, but that can wait for another day. The biggest part of the job is done.

It might be awhile before the driller comes, as there is a drought going on in our area and there’s a bunch of people before us.

My house is on spring water and I have plenty of that, but  my brother grows vegetables for the farmers market and he could sure use some more of the precious stuff.

When it rains this winter, the drill guy will get his truck out of the backcountry, where he would get the truck stuck and then will only be able to do wells that are easily accessible, such as this one, so we hope to jump up near the head of the line when it rains.

All that exercise wore me out and the rest of the day was spent on the couch.

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