Queen’s Canyon Exploration and a Tank Visit

Wednesday February 19, 2020 Queen’s Canyon Canyon, Kofa, Arizona

Desert hiking

Dan and I were planning a nice little hike today. But first we got up and had a couple of leisurely coffees and enjoyed the desert day as there was a nice breeze which was going to keep the day from getting too hot so no hurry.

We left camp around 11 and drove on up into the Queen’s Canyon about 7 miles driving very slow to keep from splitting a tire on a rock.

Queen’s Canyon Road

We started out on the road here.roadin


And continued on up the road slowly.myview


We ran into this Canadian guy who said to wait for a jeep pulling another jeep out. We had a nice chat while we waited. Nice guy.camman


Missed our hike spot

The jeeps whet on by so we continued up the road somehow going by the place we wanted to stop for a hike and didn’t realize it until we got to the end of the road. Dan wanted to hike a bit further to see what was ahead on the trail so we parked and locked up the van and took off for a leisurely walk for about 2 miles out.roadend


Our hike started out up this creek.trail


And up this old road.trail2


Through this area before we turned around and headed back.trail3


Hike to a tank

We headed back to the van and drove down the road and decided to check out a tank by Skull rock.hike


Skull Rock

We parked at Skull Rock and looked for the trail to the tank. A tank is anything in the desert that holds water. It could be a pool full of water or a watering trough.skull


We started up this trail to the tank.trailtank


The trail petered out but we found our way through.creek


We spotted this sheep coming from the water tank.sheep


We could see the tank up ahead with an old dam.water



As we got closer we saw this bobcat sneaking away.cat


The tank

Here’s the water hole called a tank where there is water all year for the wild animals to drink.tank


Back to camp

From there we worked our way back to the main road and made our way back to camp for a rest and soon dinner.

After that we spent a lot of time sitting around shooting the bull.


The sun just went down to the west.sunset


We sat around shooting the bull until it got too chilly around 8 and then retired to our rigs where it was warm.

We had a good day exploring around and getting some exercise. Nice day.

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One Response to Queen’s Canyon Exploration and a Tank Visit

  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    Cool!….I’ve only seen two Bobcats in my yard and one Lynx…….They aren’t sposed to be here according to the “experts”…”They” say the kitties are all up north in B.C…
    I didn’t tell anyone, I don’t like folks messing around with critters as they think they know what’s best…
    Mother Nature knows………

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