Rain and Moving Mosquito Fish and Lilies to My Pond

Saturday May 4, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

They said it was going to rain about a half inch early today and it did, but it was more like an inch and a half, which was good. Spring rains are the most important to carry water over for the summer. The springs run better with more water when that happens.

Ride up into the forest

Around one, the rain stopped so I took Hondo up into the hills to check on how my road repairs to the neighbor’s road held up. Things looked real good so I must of done things right.

After checking the roads I went over to  my cousin’s place for a visit and to get some more mosquito fish and some of her water lilies from her little pool.

Her pool

She caught some fish for me and pulled some bunches of lilies out of the pool while I was shooting the bull with her husband.pool

My pond

I left and rode on over to my little pond and put the stuff into it. I threw the lilies in, but they all didn’t land just right. Maybe a long stick would help me turn them over properly, but not today. I’m not sure why the pond is so  muddy. Maybe something wild had a nice bath in it. Sometimes there’s lots of wild birds bathing in it.pond

I rode on home from there and took it easy for a bit as I didn’t have anything planned.

I did cut a few wild blackberry vines out of the yard.

Then I walked by one of my  old cars that I need to get rid of. Most of the tires where flat, so I needed to get some air in to them to blow them up.

I needed to add another fifty feet of hose to my air compressor to reach the car so I had to add fittings to connect the new hose to the old hose.air

Once that was done, I was able to air up all the tires, so the next step is to drag the old car out of that spot and into a spot a wrecker can pick it up. So, at least now, the car is ready for me to move when I get around to it, maybe in a couple of weeks or so.

I spent the rest of the day chair hopping around the yard.

Nice day.

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