Riding Up Into the Forest For Exercise, Lady bugs

Saturday December 30, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Forest ride

My intentions for the day were to ride up into the forest and get a little exercise on some trail work.

I rode up to check out the waterfall  and parked here and walked the short distance to the fall.bike


The waterfall was flowing pretty good, but most of the pictures of the moving water came out blurry.pool1


From there I rode up to an overlook. The sky was cloudy so I might get some rain. I didn’t wear any rain gear so I was hoping if it did rain, it would be lite and it was.sky3


This trail leads away from the overlook and that was were the exercise was so I walked out it a ways were the work was.trail4


This was the spot were the trail had a narrow spot in it so I worked on making it a bit wider for a couple of hours.trail5


Just as I was finishing up, it started to sprinkle real lightly. Since I was under the trees, it didn’t get me very wet.

I headed back out the trail to the overlook where there were some chairs to sit on.trail6


Almost to the overlook.trail7


It wasn’t raining much at the overlook, but looking down the valley to my place I could see it was showering, so I stayed in my chair and enjoyed the view for awhile to let the rain pass by.rain8


Eventually I took off towards home and stopped on this trail to divert some water off the trail which you can see under the bike. Water is not supposed to flow down the trail or it might wash it out or at least make big ruts in it.bike9


Lady bugs

I stopped to check out the lady bugs to see how they were doing.  I’d thought there might be less of them, but after I checked them out, I think they have about the same amount of them there as I’d seen earlier.ladybugs


Once back home, I shut the chickens in for the day as they were already on the roost.

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    So lovely to have clear running water…and no major work to keep it “under control.”
    Happy new year to you…..

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