Puttering Around In the Forest, Rain Water

Sunday December 31, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Happy New Year

Seems like a good time to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Here’s wishing this next year goes well for everyone.

Forest puttering

That’s what I plan to do today, just putter and don’t work too hard with lots of chair time.

I rode on up to this spot that I saw yesterday. Water was running down the road which is not a good thing. I needed to get some exercise and repair it.water1


This is what is causing all the water to run down the road. This spring is running full blast now. I knew this spring might cause a problem when I put it in a short time ago but decided to wait and see what it was going to do.spring2


I took my shovel and made a small ditch across the road. I’ll do a better job with Skiddy later. Some might say I need a culvert here, but I don’t use them as they plug up and wash everything out and make lots of erosion and require lots of maintenance. If I put the small ditch in, that should take care of it with very little maintenance required.ditch3


I continued on up this road to retrieve my Pulaski tool that I need to do some more ditching up a trail.road4


Break time

My Pulaski tool was by this chair, so I took advantage of it and sat down and enjoyed the forest for a bit.woods5


My forest view from the chair were I rested.forest6


Rock crossing

After a good break at the chair, I continued on up the road going across this crossing. Another place one might say I need a culvert.crossing7


But instead, I used these larger rocks to make a dam to hold the gravel bed back which makes a nice crossing. I plan to put some more big rocks in this spot eventually.rocks8


Up the trail

I continued on up this trail where I needed to make some small ditches across the trail to divert water off the trail when it rains. These are very small ditches that are hard to see. I make them like this so they are easy to ride or walk over.The key is to not collect the water and instead dissipate it so it doesn’t do damage and wash stuff out. That’s all it takes to keep the water from running down the trail.trail9


Here’s the small ditch across the trail from the other side of it. I have more ditching to do up along this part of the trail.hill10


Break area

I made good use of that little log. It’s a nice place to take a break and I spent some time on it as it’s right by where I needed to do some repairs.logs11


The plan

My goal is to keep making little repairs as things need them until eventually, there are no erosion problems on this property. I’ve been doing this for years now and I’ve got most of the property under control as far as very little erosion.

I had one more spot to fix just up the road so I did that one which was an easy one and rode up to this overlook to sit for awhile. The day was overcast, but being down in the trees I didn’t notice until now.view12


Nice day.

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  1. Deb says:

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Barb says:

    Happy 2024 Bob! Have a nice year!

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