Shopping, Well Drilling and My PTZ Cam

Wednesday September 17, 2014 Guerneville CA.

And a new piece of foam for my kayak seat

I’m getting to where I don’t like to go shopping, but it has to be done, so I went over to Santa Rosa and shopped for electrical supplies for a project I’m doing and got some things for eating at a couple places and then went over to the foam shop. The lady there showed me all kinds of combinations of foam, so I sat on them all and finally determined one of them should work for a new kayak seat.

Sitting in a kayak for four to six hours a day or more, is hard on ones butt. It helps to slouch down like sitting in a recliner, instead of sitting up straight, so that’s what I do. Easier on the back too. From what I see, the mistake older type kayakers make, is they try to sit up straight, which translates for most to not being able to enjoy sitting in one’s yak for longer than about two hours, if that. Most kayak seats mostly make you sit up straight, which is counter productive in my opinion. I took the seat that came with my kayak out a long time ago and have been sitting on a pad that one can move around on the bottom of the boat. This also adds the advantage of sitting lower in the boat, so it’s  much more stable and much harder to turn over.

Anyway, I hope this new piece of foam will improve my dead butt. :O)

The drill guy

Then I headed on home. On the way, I passed the well driller guy, so turned in there to see about a well on the place in the near future, knowing they’d be booked up with the drought on around here.

Lucky his place was on the way home as I’m more likely to stop in like that, than use the phone to call. I’m just not a phone type of guy. :O)

I was lucky the well guy was in and not out talking wells with someone else.

I met Ed Fisch of Fisch Brothers Drilling out of Forestville.

We talked about what needed to be done and how much each would cost. Ed seemed like a nice enough guy, so I made an appointment for him to come out to take a look at the property so we can make some decisions.

They might be able to drill it this winter, or if not, next summer. My brother Tom with the Armstrong Valley Farm is going to be the main user of the water from this well, so he’s eager to get the well going, as growing good tender vegetables takes a lot of water.

The rest of the day, I spent thinking about what the well guy had said and I also spent a lot of time looking around in the yard for where I might put a well if my number one choice doesn’t work out, so I did my chair hopping thing until it got dark out.

First sprinkles of fall

Just before dark, there were a few sprinkles, not enough to get wet, but it’s our first rain for the fall, so any first rains are delightful, especially if you are chair hopping, enjoying the evening.

My wireless cam project

I think I’m about ready to put my ptz wireless cam out in the yard, but will have to wait until the rain passes first, as the cam is an indoor cam, so I have to take some precautions.

And living in a redwood forest near the river in a valley, there is dew a lot of the nights, so an indoor cam can present a problem using it in those conditions.

I needed something to protect the cam on the tripod. I first had the cam on top of the board and was trying to figure out how to protect the cam with some kind of cover when I eventually realized the solution was in front of me. I installed the cam on the bottom of the board, now I can tilt the front of the board down a bit in the front and still take shots of most things. I’ll have to cover the whole thing up with some kind of clothe thing and something water proof on the top that hopefully won’t look too obnoxious to an animal or a bird or a bee. :O) Plastic would not work as it would condense water. An umbrella would work, but then I might have a wind problem. I’ll think of something.

Anyway, here is the cam mounted on the under side of the board on the tripod. I have to power the cam, but it has wireless back to my computer which will be in the house when the cam is outside.ptzcamera


Did I mention the camera can move from side to side and up and down and can be controlled from my computer, with motion detection software to record things on stills or videos when the cam is triggered by movement. I’m planning on using ISpy software as it is free and looks like it is very well done. It’s what they call open source software, if you know what that is. Free is the key word here. :O)

Here is a little closer view of this cam. I’ve had the cam for a few years and tried it for awhile, but put it away and waited for wireless to catch up a bit.ptzcam


Oh, one other thing, this cam also has night vision leds out to about twelve feet or so, that’s the circle of lights you see around the lens. It does color in the day and black and white at night.

I’m mainly working on getting this cam set up and out in the yard as a prelude to putting my more expensive video camera out there in the weather. It also has the wireless built into it and can be used in this way, but not at night as it has no infrared leds to light up the night.

Another day gone by enjoying the passage of time. :O)

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