The Wellton, Kofa Road that Wasn’t

Sunday, Mar. 3, 2013, Wellton, AZ.

I gave the road a good try, but

This morning I was up fairly early. I decided to go back to Wellton and shop for something to eat, try and find some internet and head for the Wellton Kofa road, afterwards.

The Del Sol store was pretty good.

I found one or two things to eat in the store and now for the internet.

I asked a local lady where to library was?

I asked a lady leaving the store if they had a library in town and she said, yes, just go back down that road, turn right and go two blocks. I did and there was only one block and it was Ag. fields of lettuce, no library. Well that was to be expected, but maybe she got me in the right area at lease. \

Should of turned left instead of right.

Yep, should of turned left instead of right as she advised. Oops, the library was closed on Sunday. After some thought, I decided to check the door for information. Success, the sign on the door gave me the password for the wireless access I needed so I checked email, made the earlier posts and checked on some more stuff.

Where oh where are they hiding the road, it’s on the map.

Now it was off to find that elusive Wellton Kofa road. I set my GPS and followed it to a locked gate where the road should be, but there was only a gravel place there with a locked gate. I went up and down that road several times, and recognized I was here two nights ago in the dark and did the same thing.

Bum pity bump, where’s the road?

I found this little road that went to some high power lines, so I followed them going though lots of ditches that bounced the van. Lots of things came open and there was a some stuff on the floor, it was so bumpy. I noticed my GPS was showing the road I wanted just to my right paralleling the high power lines about a hundred yards away.

After a couple miles I cut across the desert and found the mostly unused road.

Danger, Yuma Proving Grounds.

It was on Yuma Proving ground and had a lot of dangerous unexploded stuff in the area, signs. I followed the main road a couple miles until a sign said, no passage without a permit from the range, so I turned around and headed back to Wellton where I decided to return to Quartzsite as I haven’t been felling too well lately and the Lady in Dateland wasn’t home yet anyway.

Below you can see what the roads around Wellton looked like with all the farming in the area. I think another name for this area is Dome Valley.


Moved my camp site.

When I got back to Quartzsite, I went to my illegal camp site. While there, I decided I’d had enough trouble and I should move to a legal spot.

So, now I’m going to camp in the north eastern part of Quartzsite on BLM land, which I think will be ok.

I drove in there and found at least a temporary camp site.

Below is a picture of the area I’ll camp in, just before dark, as the sun was setting.


Another picture of the area I will camp in is below.



So now, I’m back at Marty and Patti’s writing this blog and posting it.

Had a nice day.

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