Some Shopping and a nice Visit at Joe’s

Sunday September 20, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Shopping day

I’m not much into shopping especially on a Sunday but if I get it done today I’ll have more time to play during the week. I still have to go one more time to Costco but at least that is all I’ll have to do that day and I had enough to do today already so Costco can wait.

Friendly feed store

So my first stop was the Friendly Feed Store to get some feed for the chickens. That’s pretty easy as they have guys to load the feed sacks in the car for ya.


Next was a place I didn’t really want to go but I needed to to get some new sheets and shoes if they had what I wanted and a few other things too.

Self Check out has improved

Yes, the place was real busy but it needed to be done. When I got to the checkout area it seemed everyone had a real full basket, about six of them in front of me, sooooooooooooo, after a bit I decided to try out the self checkout which I  hadn’t done for a long time and was hoping for an improvement in the process compared to the last time and it was. One item wouldn’t scan so it popped up with help required and shortly  a person showed up to scan the item and I continued. Much improved from the last time I used one, thank goodness.

Visiting Joe’s

Joe lives on the way home so I pulled into his place for a visit. There were some people already there visiting and we had a nice visit.

I stood up to get a picture of his garden when this flower pot caught my eye on his


Joe’s garden

He has a huge garden which is starting to show it’s fall. Left side.gardenl


Garden right side. We walked out the path to have a look around and checked out his chickens too.gardenr


This was a pretty big pumpkin we walked by.pumpkin


Not junk

Joe has a nice big pile of metal some might call junk, but it’s not as metal is worth a lot of money these days. Joe likes to build and construct stuff and a pile of metal like this is real handy for making stuff.metal


First a nap

We had a good visit then I drove on home. The car needed unloaded but a nap won out first.

In the evening I unloaded the car putting all the feed sacks in the chicken’s feed shed. That should last a couple months or so.feed


l didn’t enjoy the shopping or the busy traffic but I was happy to get that done and had a nice visit with Joe and his friends.

Nice day.

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One Response to Some Shopping and a nice Visit at Joe’s

  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Understood that shopping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but at least it’s done. It is even more of a challenge now with the Covid but glad it worked out better for you.
    Nice to have a visit with Joe and his great looking garden.

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