Van’s Gas Tank Repair and Patching Rat Holes in the House Roof

Saturday November 7, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Van repair

On my last desert trip about a mouth or so ago on the way home I stopped to get gas in Lovelock and spotted a small drip from the gas tank filler hose. It wasn’t too bad so I decided to fix it when I got home.

I took it apart awhile back and finally got a new hose at the hydraulic shop this week so now I could put it back together and today was the day.

I set things out to do the


It wasn’t a big job but it was getting the new hose back on that was hard because of where it was up there.pipes


I tried a couple different methods to get the hose on and finally found one that worked and so I got the new hose on and the clamps tightened up.

The new hose is installed.hose


Of course I couldn’t find the screws for the input spout and finally just got some new ones so as to get the job done.

Dead battery

I had to move the van out in the open to work on it but I found the battery to be low on charge so I switched the van over to my other accessory battery in the van and got it done.

So after getting the hose on I put the battery charger on the battery to charge it up.

After that I did some chair hopping and puttering around the yard as it was a nice day out.

Keeping the rats out of my attic

Since I’ve been watching the rats come and go from my attic area I knew of two spots with access holes that they were using so I needed to plug them up.

I took a chair up on the roof and studied the job to see what I needed to do to block the holes as they were in a fairly hard area to block.

Here’s the work area where I’m going to block a difficult access spot.fixit


At first I had planned to use wood to block the access spot but after checking the spot out I changed my mind and used sheet metal instead as I figured it’d be easier to work with to plug the spot so I got the metal working tools out.roof


That should work

The metal in front of the screw gun and another piece you can’t see is what I made to fix the spot. I then used metal roofing screws to fasten the metal to the spot to hold it in place.patch


About the time I got that repair done the sun went down so I didn’t get to the next one, maybe tomorrow.

I don’t think I’ve found all the access holes yet but each one I block is one less. I’ll keep using the camera to watch for any more and eventually I should be able to block all the holes.

Just before dark I put the chickens away and went in the  house.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    Rats are one thing I have no use for. I’ve had to place traps all over underneath my house and fill up every hole with that foam stuff. Good luck on finding all their access points.

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