Hooking Up Springs and We Go for a Ride In the Forest

Sunday June 16, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Hooking up stuff

I had some plastic pipe I wanted to run some water from a spring down about a hundred feet to this little pond.pond2

I started rolling out the plastic pipe and laying it out to the spring.pipe1

I made it to the spring without much trouble and hooked up the black pipe.spring3

And got the black pipe run to the pond.pond4

I had to make a little stand out of redwood tree limbs to hold the water pipe up so it’d splash into the pond. The fall of the water was getting the pond muddy.water5

I hunted up a big rock to put under the water fall. As the water level comes up the water will just splash in the pond making a nice noise.inlet6

Here’s a couple of the little fish in the pond.fish7

With that project done, I moved on to the next project at this spring where I’ve been working on a pipeline trail the last couple of days. I trimmed out the ferns and green weeds so I could make a trail for the pipe.spring8

I was working away and about to quit because I was tired out and trying to take it easy today, when Barry showed up on his dirt bike. We went back to my house to get my dirt bike and we went for a ride in the forest.

We stopped at this spring for a drink of water.spring9

The roads are drying out and I got real dusty today following Barry around…

We made it to our break area for a rest.sky10

And then rode around a bunch more before heading back to  my house where Barry took off for his house and I went in for a nap.

Chair hopping

I spent the evening chair hopping around the yard with the chickens. A nice blue sky for the sunset tonight.sky11

Nice day.

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