The River Just Looked Too Good Yesterday, So I Yakked It Today

Friday December 2, 2022 Monte Rio CA.

Paddling the Russian River

I drove on back down to Monte Rio to the boat ramp and had my boat in the water around 1. It pretty much looked just like yesterday, nice and calm with plenty of reflections.ramp1


And a bonus, no one else was on the this part of the river today, I had it all to myself, well, and some critters too.

Up river

I headed up river going under the Monte Rio bridge. I plan to only paddle up river a couple of miles and then paddle on back to the boat ramp. It’s an easy paddle as there is very little current, especially with the river’s mouth being closed to the ocean about 12 miles down the river from here. Because of the mouth being closed the water level is about two feet higher than normal here so it’s mostly a big lake, with very little current.bridge2


Bath time

I paddled by this crow taking a bath in the water.crows4



And I stopped here to take it easy and enjoy the day. That stuff on the water is called duckweed and flouts down the river this time of year. And yes, the ducks do eat it, but there’s more than they can eat.duckweed5



I took my time and made my way up the river, headed more or less to the base of that hill up ahead.river6


I made it to the base of that hill to this spot where I sat and watched for awhile. There used to be a big wooden train trestle crossing here from the wooden fence up on the green rock. It was a big one as it had to be higher than what the river gets to in the winter to keep from getting washed out. Lots of them did get washed out, just the same.greem8


Turn around area

I went up just a bit further to this spot where I sat for a good long time watching stuff.rive9



Like this great white egret that was fishing along the shoreline for little fish.egret10


The egret is waiting for the feeding ducks to spook some small fish to it.birds11


I sat here in my boat for awhile, doing some more enjoying the day.rover12


Eventually I started my trek back down the river, taking my time.river13


Old male heron

I got pretty close to this great blue heron as I paddled on by it. I think it is an old male.heron14


Almost back to the boat ramp

I’m almost back and just going under the Monte Rio bridge. The boat ramp is just past this.bridge15


These ducks almost ran me over.ducks16


Nice day.

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  1. Deb says:

    Very nice paddle, the views would be worth the effort.

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