Gathering Wood, Cleaning Up Old Fence, Dirt Bike Ride and a Leaky Faucet

Saturday October 9, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Gathering wood

I had some little piles of wood around the yard from stuff I’d cut up during the year.

I needed to pick up the little piles of wood with the wheelbarrow and add them to the main pile of wood.

Here’s one of the little wood piles I picked up.wood


And here’s the main pile of wood. I use this wood to supplement my oil stove especially if the power goes out. Now I need to get the pile covered up to keep it dry,…… another day.woodpile


Fence wire

The other day while riding around in the woods I spotted this old fence wire laying on the ground and decided it would be a good idea to get it picked up before I got tangled up in it with the dirt bike as it blended well with the ground. As you can see the fence wire is hard to see compared to the old fence post.wire


Enjoying the forest

After I got the fence wire and posts cleaned up I went for a dirt bike ride around the hills as long as I was out on the bike anyway. I took my time and just puttered around enjoying the forest.

I stopped on this spot I call the Lost Ridge for a break, but there are no chairs or things to sit on so I didn’t stay long.ridge


Water level

I also went by our spring fed water tanks to check the water level.tanks


Tank’s water gauge

That ribbon shows how far the water is from the top of the tank which is indicated by how far the ribbon is from the bottom of the tank. The tanks are almost full only a couple feet down from the tops.gauge


Leaky faucet

On the way home I stopped to chat with our rental people. They said they had an outdoor faucet leaking so I had a look at it and took it apart to get a seal for it.

The rest of the day I spent chair hopping around the yard. I did visit the raspberry patch and ate some of those and some strawberries too.

Nice day.

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