Giving My Cousin and Her Hubby a Tour of Their Property

Monday February 26, Guerneville CA.

Taking my Cousin for a ride

My Cousin and  her husband haven’t been able to get around on their property for a long time, so today I drove my rig up and took them for a ride around their place.

Top of the World

We worked our way up to the Top of the World, the place where Barry and I like to take breaks.overlook1

There were some nice clouds in the sky. Ones like that black one dropped a good rain shower earlier today.sky2

Guerneville Overlook

From there we worked our way over to the Guerneville overlook which overlooks the town of Guerneville.Cousins1

We drove around some more, then worked our way over to this overlook which is on their property where we stopped for a good break.overlook4

We shot the bull there for a bit.bobsrig

Most of the big clouds had left for the day and the sky was mostly blue now.view5

From there we headed back to their house where I dropped them off.

Trail work

I still had a few hours left in the day so I drove on down to the trail I’ve been working on and walked out it to the spot where I was working in this spot. I continued on but soon tuckered out, so quit for the day before I finished this section.trail7

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Giving My Cousin and Her Hubby a Tour of Their Property

  1. Judith says:

    Yes. Not being able to see things around your own place for a while makes it really nice when you can. Good thing for you to do.

  2. Barb says:

    I bet it was nice for them to get out & around the property. How wonderful! That new vehicle sure is a great addition. Rocks, logs & now cousins :o)

  3. A James says:

    Gorgeous countryside & just beautiful scenery ; not much wonder you spend a great deal of time in the hills & improving the trails. I was wondering f you couldn’t use Skiddy some with the scoop & blade on the more wider trails? Sure do like your new vehicles-all the best

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