Water Pipeline Work and a Stick for a Dog

Monday June 17, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

Back on the pipeline trail, I parked here at the spring.spring1

Then I walked out the pipeline trail to dig some more of it.pipeline2

I dug this part and made it to the end where it  meets the old pipeline from the spring.pipelinetrail3

Walking back on the trail, I needed to check out that brush on the right side there as that’s where the old spring pipe is running. The pipe had a nasty sag there and I’d tied it to bamboo pools with wire a long time ago and then more trees fell on the pipe and messed it up, that’s why I’m digging this new pipeline trail, to repair this bad part of the pipeline that sags too much to  let water flow through the pipe. It’s restricted, but still flows a little.trail4

The old pipeline runs down under all this brush, so I  had to get down into it to cut the wires off that held the pipe to the bamboo.brush5

I worked on that and got all but one or two wires cut, so now the pipe is ready to pull it out and put it up on the new pipeline trail, but not today. I’ve been working too hard at this and my back needs some rest.

Joy ride

I hopped in the rig and rode around the property stopping along the way to check stuff out, like springs, and ponds and overlooks, taking my time.


Eventually, I decided to go visit my neighbor that lives high on the hillside, up here through this gate. His gate sags a lot, so I looked at it to see if I could do something about it as I have to go through it a lot to visit. It’s not his main gate so he’s not likely to fix it.

I have some ideas on how to tighten it up, but not today.gate6

I’m headed up to his place, not far ahead.view7

And on up this road.road8

A stick for Bella

I remembered to stop and pick up a little stick for Bella, his dog as she likes to chase them and then chew them up.

Here comes Bella, barking at me with her tail wagging, like a good guard dog.

I tossed the stick for her, only about twenty feet as she is older and can’t run like she used to, sorta like  me. :O)bella9

Anyway, I caught them home and we had a nice visit.

After that I  headed for home for a nap.

Nice day.

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