The Tooth Cleaner and the Cheese Factory

Tuesday December 7, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Dentist day

I headed over to  my dentist’s as I had an appointment for cleaning my teeth today.

Check in

They took my temperature which was ok. And I usually have to sign off on a long paper of stuff about covid which I always thought was a bit repetitious after doing it once and made a  comment about what a waste of time it was and a pain in the ass last time I was in there so I was happy it was gone.

I always shoot the bull with the receptionist as she lives just down the road from me and has chickens.

No corn stuff please

My turn came and I had a new tooth cleaning lady, so I had to do some training on her, as there’s things I like and things I don’t like and I have to be careful they don’t use any stuff with corn type stuff in it on me.

She turned out to be a pretty good tooth cleaner so I complimented her on that. I always engage any medical type people I deal with as I like them to know who I am and not just give me the normal stuff and send me on my way. I find I get better treatment that way and it’s more fun than just being a boob in a chair.

Cheese factory

After that I continued on my way to the Cheese Factory as I wanted to get some Cheese to eat.

I drove down their driveway as the cheese store is way in the back down this road.roadin



They had replanted their pasture on the right because of the drought, it had all dried up last summer. It’s now looking pretty good but still too young to let the cows out on it yetpasture


Happy cows

There’s usually some of their cows at this spot. When you see cows laying down, it usually means they have had a lot to eat and are now chewing their cud. That would translate into happy cows.cows


It’s always interesting to buy cheese here as usually the store person is making the daily cheese in the back. And usually they speak more Spanish then English and I’m the other way around having enough trouble just speaking English

I told her I wanted four pounds of cheese. She cut that and then I said I wanted another piece about a pound to eat in the car on the way home. She cut that and while I was sorta shooting the bull with her she wrapped both pieces up together. Oops, my fault. I wanted the one pound piece to eat on the way so she unwrapped her taped up package and got the little piece out and started to tape up a new package of that when I put my hand on the cheese and stopped her from putting any more tape on it that I would just have to take off once in my car.

So with a little talk and some hand signals we got it all done. I’m sure I’m a bit different than most of their customers. :O)

Hold my beef

On the way out I saw Tiffany in the yard which I’ve bought a quarter beef from before and have another quarter beef on hold as it was too much to put in my freezer so I stopped to let her know I’d likely get that quarter in a couple months or so once the cows are back on the pasture.

Yummy cheese

I opened up my cheese on the way out the driveway and ate most of it on the way home. Yummy.

I stopped to get some gas on the way home in Guerneville for my dirt bike and quad runner and shopped for a couple things at the grocery store.


I took off for home but decided to stop and see if John S. was home. He was so we sat outside and talked about fishing and hunting and old time stuff as he’s an old time local like me.

We chatted until the sun started down behind the hills to the west when I headed on home.

Nice day.

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  1. Patsy+Irene says:

    Good boy, getting your teeth cleaned. We will be doing the same soon, in Algodones.
    It does sound like a good day!

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