Another Working on the Bridge Day

Tuesday July 16, 2013 Guerneville, CA.

The lumber was due to arrive at mid- morning

And it did, so I had to get my bridge working tools together and join my brother at the bridge just a little after ten AM. It was nice that it was a little on the overcast type of day, as we had some hard work to do. The sun cooperated until late afternoon when it warmed us up a little, but not bad.

This is the load of lumber that was delivered this morning. Seventeen pieces which also meant we had to haul seventeen old boards out too. These are heavy boards, Doug Fir.lumber


Below is our work area, just as we got started this morning. The air compressor is to run an impact wrench which really helped make the job easier as each board has four old rusted, half inch diameter bolts that had to be removed and reused in the new boards.bridgework


This is the first board up. By the seventeenth, we were pretty beat and we still had to put the bolts in and the washers and nuts back on.bridgerepair


We got the bolts back in the boards and all the boards down, but we didn’t get the washes and nuts back on that hold each board down. My brother said he’d work on that tomorrow.

Below, another brother is checking out the bridge. The side blocks are just temporary to keep cars in the middle until we get the nuts on the bolts.bridgefinish

We accomplished the worse part of the job today, which is good as it was one of the things I needed to get out of the way to get on with a little trip I’m planning to get off to soon.

One of the other things I need to get done is my dentist putting on a new crown, which is scheduled to happen tomorrow. A little shopping and packing and I should be ready to get on the road to adventure.

Had a good day.

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