Loose Chain Fixed and Where Did I Leave My Pulaski

Thursday December 22, 2022 Guerneville CA.


I knew I had another game cam somewhere and I found it the other day. I think it takes better pictures than this camera at night, so I moved this one to the driveway to see what goes by.cam1


And then I set the game cam up at the rodent bait station under the avocado tree.

Loose chain

I’ve been hearing this slapping noise when I ride the dirt bike and I suspected the chain is loose so I set up the bike and got the tools out to check it out and adjust it.bike2


The spec was just under two inches and I measured it at just over 3  inches, so yes, the chain was real loose so I tightened it up and set it to spec.chain3


After that, I did some chair hopping around the yard and mostly did nothing for an hour or so, mostly just enjoying the day.

Forest work

I made it up into the forest around 2 and walked up to my work area, stopping on this log for a break. Just walking up the trail to where I’m working gives me lots of exercise. No need to count steps.trail5


Where’s my Pulaski

I made it up to the work area and remembered the work tool was behind a log somewhere and realized it was half way back down the trail so off I went.trail8


I couldn’t really remember exactly where I put it yesterday, I think maybe behind one of these logs. I looked but it wasn’t there so I started back up the trail looking for a log laying on the ground that I might remember if I saw it.forest4


One of these logs looked promising so I checked.forest6


There it was, right where I left it.tool7


I walked back up to the work area and took a good break. I worked on things until it got dark and then headed on down stopping again at this rest log for a rest.

Getting dark

I stayed there enjoying the evening and resting up, longer then I should have and it got darker and I decided I better get on home.log9



When I got home, I put the chickens away for the night and sat in a chair, resting up and enjoying the evening as it was quite pleasant out.sly20


When it got dark enough, I went in the house for the day.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I’m always curious at what the cameras will capture. Nice you don’t have fog!! I would have to take a picture of the item I left cuz I’d probably never remember where it was!!

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