Some Shopping and Doing What Retired People Are Supposed to Do, Nothing

Wednesday September 4 2013 Guerneville, CA.

Ok, So I’m guilty of doing mostly nothing for the last couple of days

Yesterday, I got up and just puttzed around the yard all day, doing very little except enjoying the day. Of course thinking about this and that.

Today, I had a bit more of a purpose as I went to Santa Rosa to do some shopping. Among other things I wanted to get was some vanilla beans and some alcohol to make some cornless vanilla extract. I found some beans in Sebastopol. 7.50 for two, I had to buy two packs. I found out later from looking them up on the internet, they are high quality beans, great. Mexican variety.

I also learned that vodka is rarely made from potatoes anymore, so I bought some made with rye, which I really hope is cornless, otherwise, I’m just making a poison for myself.

Making vanilla extract is easy, just cut the beans in half length wise and put them in some alcohol for a couple mouths. I’m cheating and heating up the alcohol to speed the process.  I just heated some water on the stove and took it off the stove and put the jar in it to warm up a bit.  Don’t want it to explode or anything. Always glad to use some of the chemistry I learned a long time ago.

After I bought the beans I went over to visit Skip to see what he’s been up to digging up his yard for some electrical repairs. Looks like the goffers have been in his yard big time. :O)

Then I continued on my trip and bought a candy thermometer so I can make some cornless treats and a whisk to help stir my cornless homemade ice cream and practice making some cornless mayonnaise.

When I returned home, I was beat and worn out for some reason, so crashed on the couch for most of the rest of the afternoon.

I finally did get some energy late in the day and went outside and mounted the four hose hangers I bought at Wally’s for five bucks apiece. I was thinking of making some to get my water hoses corralled, but for five bucks it just wasn’t worth it. They are metal and fairly sturdy.

I did put some dough in the oven that has been on the counter for a few days, growing yeast. I decided to just cook it in the Pyrex bowl it was in, which might have been a mistake, as so far, it is stuck in there. I’m hoping it will release as it cools, otherwise, I’ll have to dig it out in pieces. Cooking is just a big experiment, sometimes. :O)

Had a nice lazy day.

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