Potatoes and Flowers

Saturday April 19, 2014 Guerneville CA.

A day in the yard

Being Saturday and all, I decided to stay home and do a little work in the yard. There is actually a lot of work in the yard to do, but a little bit at a time is all I can do anymore. :O)

I started out picking up some redwood tree droppings and putting them around some cherry trees for mulch, as it makes nice black dirt and keeps the weeds from growing and also slows the ground insects down a bit. Good stuff.

Of course, I needed a break after that, so a nap was in order, which I took.

Moved some mulch

After that, I moved some mulch out of the way in my potato patch so I can dig the ditch I’ve been working on through there.

This is where I moved some of the mulch back for the ditch.ditcharea


And found some potatoes

In the process of moving the mulch, I found some potatoes. They looked pretty good, so I harvested even more of them. All I do is throw some potatoes that have gotten a bit too old to use into the mulch and water it once in awhile and for that I get potatoes. Easy.

Here’s the first ones I got just from moving the mulch. These are some kind of finger potato I got from my brother, originally.potatoes

I made some potato chips, deep fried in olive oil to make sure there is no corn stuff in them. Most store bought chips have corn stuff in them so are not for my eating, since I’m allergic to corn and all things made from it. The chips were pretty good.

That wore me out

Well, all that work and the harvesting too just wore me out so the rest of the day was divided between napping and sitting around enjoying the yard and contemplating all the things I need to do in it.

One of the things I need to do is mow some of the weeds. I don’t really mind green weeds, but they dry out and become a fire hazard, so I have to control them.

Some California poppies are mixed in with the weeds.poppy


California poppies.poppys


Something old

I was sitting in one place and this old redwood stump wood caught my eye. It’s from an old redwood stump I dug out about ten years ago. It’s at least a couple thousand years old and the tree was about ten feet in diameter, or just over three meters.stumpwood


Old stump wood.stump


Those weeds aren’t so bad

From another chair, I was looking in this direction at all the weeds to mow. They sure are nice and green right now, maybe I can wait a bit.yard


And my Lincoln rose that you can see in the above picture was looking good too.redrose


It was a fairly lazy day, but enjoyable too. :O)

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