Visiting My Hermit Friend Nathan McMahon

Saturday April 11, 2020 Guerneville CA.

Visiting a hermit

A week ago I found out my hermit friend was still alive and kicking. I hadn’t seen him in  a couple years. He lives up the road past me by the redwood park.

So today I planned to drive up and visit.

But first I had to get through the closed redwood tree park which I was hoping I could do without too much trouble. The park, like all parks is closed because of the C virus.

Sneaking through the park

I got in my car and drove on up to the parks entrance and there were lots of closed park signs but no one around so I drove on through. Lots more park closed signs but no one around. There were a lot of park cars parked at one place and I think they were having a meeting so I continued on through.

Big redwood trees

Lots of big redwood trees on the park road.trees


Like the old days

I drove a couple miles through the park. No one was around but me. Just the way I like it. It reminded me that it was like it was when I was a little kid growing up in it as we lived right by it and in those days it wasn’t so popular and we had it to ourselves most of the time.trees2


This is their picnic area, nice and quiet.park3


I drove up the hill to this gate I had to go through. He gave me the combo but there were 4 combo locks on it,…… which one. The last one of course. I washed my hands in the small creek before continuing on up the road as I still had about a mile to go.gate


Scenic drive

I’m almost to his driveway here as I crossed the bridge.bridge


Now I’m on his driveway and almost to his gate.roadin


His gate

This is his gate in and it had another combo lock on it so I opened it and drove on in and parked.gate2


His house is up in the trees there. I parked and walked up to his


More old times

He didn’t hear me come in so I smiled and rang his bell, like old times.bell


Nathan the hermit

Nathan came to the door. He was a bit older than the last time I saw him. 90 next month.nathan


We sat in his living room and had a good chat.

Walk in the garden

After about a half hour I noticed his eye lids were closing every now and then so I suggested we go out for a walk in his garden.

He had a huge garden full of roses and stuff but now that he can’t take care of it anymore it’s in a shambles. He said he doesn’t usually walk out into it much anymore because it’s depressing but he went.

With spring and all the garden had some real nice blooms and I think he enjoyed the walk. We had to take our time as he is much slower than he used to be.

Nap time

When we got back to his house I knew he needed a nap so I said my goodbyes and headed on home.

Back out the road.roadout


And across this little creek.creek


There’s this one place that opens up as it’s out of the trees. My  house is located behind that hill up ahead at the bottom.grass


Home for a nap

I made it back through the park without anyone stopping me and went on home where I needed a nap.

The day was cool so after my nap I went back outside but the coolness drove me back in the house which was ok as the day was over.

Nice day visiting an old friend I wasn’t sure was still alive and kicking. He was alive but just not kicking too high. :O)

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    I’m happy to hear and see Nathan is still alive and you got to visit him. I can’t believe he lives alone back there in the woods. Does he get out to get food or does someone help with that? Wow! He must be a very interesting fellow, if he could stay awake to tell you stories. :)

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