Scott’s Ranch on the Bruneau River, Day 2 Exploring Around

Friday August 14, 2015 Scott’s Ranch near Roland Nevada

When I looked out the van window this morning, I could see this marmot feeding over in the corner near me so I watched it for awhile.marmot


After we got it going we went over to investigate the old barn across the road from us. I thought it was an old well constructed barn that had been around for awhile as I looked at it from the outside.old barn


And part of it is an old barn, but a lot of it looks to be reassembled from some buildings from somewhere else in later times.

The roof rafters were very modern. The oldest part was the animal stalls in the bottom section which looked like this. barninside


The upper section that should have been for animal hay storage looked like someone lived up there some time ago. This place looks like it was used by different family’s in later times, but was once quite a big cattle operation, likely settled around 1850.

Went for a walk

Later in the day, after the sun was lower in the sky, Steve and I went for a walk down the road that goes by the ranch and heads down the river where there are some meadows.

We headed out down this road headed down the river canyon. Those are the animal working corals with all the wood.wa;l


On the way, along side the road, I ran into another of the ranches animal dumps or graveyards. Lots of big animal bones laying around in the brush. I’d found an even bigger animal graveyard last time I was here while exploring around down by the bridge that comes into this place.bones


This is what it looked like looking up from down in this valley as we walked along the road as it got more primitive.road


I’d driven my van down this road the first time I was here a few years ago. Walking it, I was surprised I had driven down this far through this rough stuff. I had to turn the van around at this point that time, backing up a long ways to do it. We walked a bit past this spot this time just a bit further before turning back. This is the Bruneau River Canyon.rockroad


After a good break we started heading back to camp.

We walked up this road and past the old barn to our camp under the trees.barn


We sat and enjoyed the evening for awhile taking a break before walking out the front road to the bridge that crosses the river on the way in. The river looked like this from the bridge, looking down stream.bridge


We didn’t stay long at the bridge as it was starting to get dark, so we headed back to camp where the sun had just set.

The sky looked like this as we sat in out chairs enjoying the evening.sunset


That pretty much was our day. Steve has been doing better with his attitude thing which is a good thing. :O)

Tomorrow, we are planning to go for a somewhat challenging hike up the hill on the trail I’d been eyeing the day before. We decided to stay another day to do it as we need to get in shape for a future hike into the Jarbidge river canyon later in this trip.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Scott’s Ranch on the Bruneau River, Day 2 Exploring Around

  1. Ray Sundberg says:

    Good to hear from you and Steve, several people have contacted me about your whereabouts. Glad to hear that you guys are ok. That area looks beautiful.
    Good trip to the both of you, best, Ray

    • admin says:

      Hi Ray,
      That place sure is beautiful for sure. There’s almost always a breeze and it’s usually not too hot either which makes it even nicer.
      Get some wheels and we’ll go. :O)

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