A Day in the Wash at Quartzsite

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013, Quartzsite, AZ.

I decided to stay in my campsite today and go for a walk

Marty and Patti  had something to do today, so I needed something to keep me busy. While driving into my camp area last night, I thought, this wash is fairly lush, why not explore it a little?

I explored the wash today.

Today, when I got up, I decided that was a good idea. I started with a little circle around the van, which took about an hour and generated about two hours of nap when I got back. I wanted to do hike that would take me about a half mile to the west of me where I thought I saw a road on the map.

Some  short walks first to warm up.

I couldn’t quite get going on that one, so,  I took a couple more short walks around the van,  and had some more naps and ate some lunch too.

I’m ready for the hike now.

Around three this afternoon, I decided it was time to do the hike and took off toward the west of where the van was parked.

The van was in a wash and with the kayak on top it was fairly easy to see from a distance, until I dropped down in one or two other washes, but I knew, mostly where I was, sorta, most of the time.

My van campsite.

Below is a picture of my van in my camping area in a wash west of Quartzsite, about a half mile out of town.



I was camped in and near this wash you can see below.



I went west first.

I took off west across the wash and in the direction the picture below shows.



I walked west about a half mile, past this cactus and then turned south, back toward the wash I was parked in.



Quartz is scattered most everywhere.

There was a lot of quartz scattered around this area, one can see why it’s called Quartzsite around here.

Below is a picture of some of this quartz.



The plan.

The plan was to walk south until I hit the wash I thought the van was parked in and head back toward the van, but I couldn’t see it..

Below is what the area I was walking though looked like.



Now, where was that van parked?

Maybe the van was over in the next wash, as I couldn’t see it, but it had to be here somewhere, so I continued on and eventually spied it. It’s always a relief to spot the van and know for sure where you are.

Below, you can see the van as I spotted it in the trees on the way back from my hike.



Those hikes sure tired me out.

When I got back to the van, I was beat again so another nap was in order, before I left to go visit Marty and Patti.

Had a nice day.

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