Bulldozer Battery Maintenance and Blackberry Vines

Sunday June 26, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Latest video, Big Cave Climb

A couple of years ago while I was down in Arizona I was invited on a jeep ride with some friends. We were passing by this big cave when one of the guys wanted to try climbing into it with his rig. The cave amplifies all the jeep’s noises as he gives it a try.


Dozer battery maintenance

Every couple of  months I like to charge the dozer battery. The dozer only gets used once in awhile so it sits a lot and batteries are costly so I got the battery charger out and some extension cord and loaded up the quad to ride over to where the dozer is kept.quad1


Here’s where we keep the dozer and where I went to set up the battery charger.dozer2



The battery seemed to be in good condition and had a pretty good charge but I put the charger on just the same. I’ll leave it on for a couple days to  make sure the battery gets a good charge.charger3


Van’s solar panels

I’ve been keeping an eye on the van’s solar charging system to see how it functions. Right now the van is parked under my carport so the solar panels don’t get any real sun, but they still put out a little juice, but not much.

The van’s battery is hooked to  the controller and it runs all the time.  I’ve noticed that the van’s battery that is hooked to the controller is slowly losing it’s charge which means the controller is using more juice than the panels are providing under the carport.

Since the panels are under the carport and not getting much sun I think I can just disconnect the battery so the controller won’t drain the system and everything should be just fine.

Blackberry vines

The things continue to grow faster than I can remove them. That’s just the way it is. They will win in the long run.

But not without a battle.  I got the cutters out and set up a chair here and began to cut until my back said to stop.vines5


I made a good dent in them and will continue working in this area a bit each day.trimmed6


Sky view

My view of the sky from  my chair.sky



I was hoping to see the baby quail again this evening and was thinking there’s no water in the yard for them so they’ll have to go some place to get some, likely the creek.

I got a low water tray out and filled it with water for them. water4

I looked for the birds this evening but they didn’t show up. I’ll leave the water tray out for a few days to see if they find it.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Bulldozer Battery Maintenance and Blackberry Vines

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Took weeks for the birds to find new water sources.

  2. A James says:

    I was wondering Bob if a solar panel on top of the bulldozer’s roll cage would solve the battery maintenance issue. Pretty nice area you live in. All the best.

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