Dirt Bikes and the Little Peeps

Thursday July 7, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Dirt bike ride day

Barry was out front with his dirt bike when I got it going today, so I joined him for a ride up into the hills.

We took off and rode around a bit when we ran into this downed tree that Barry moved off the road so we could get by as I took pictures. :O)trees


We took off and rode around some more.trail2


Resting spot

Eventually we made it up to this spot for a rest as that’s what we usually do here.view4


Barry has a  hammock set up here.resting5


While I sit on the ground.view6


After a good break we rode down to my cousin’s place with this view, but no one was home.view7


We took off and rode around some more going up and down and around and around just having fun and enjoying the day.riding8


Full water tanks

We went by the water tanks and I checked the pink and blue ribbon. It was on the ground and is hard to see and means the tanks are mostly full which is real nice. I have the sprinklers on the raspberry patch as I type this.tanks9


Armstrong Valley Farm squash

On the way back we stopped at brother Tom’s garden and picked a couple squashes.gardem10


Where’s the strawberries

I knew he had some strawberries in pots in this garden a while ago but we couldn’t find them as they must be in one of his other gardens.

From there we headed out and back to my place.dozer11


Barry left for his place and I had a bit of a nap as we had a good ride.

New peeps

A bit later in the day I did some chair hopping around the yard and also checked on the new chicks. Today there are five, one more than yesterday. That little black guy is hard to see, eh.hen


Around 4:30 my brother Tom came by and wanted a ride to go pick up his truck that he was having some work done on, so we did that.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to Dirt Bikes and the Little Peeps

  1. Judith says:

    Are you from Canada? The “eh” at the end of the caption about the new chicks made me wonder. They are so tiny, it’s a wonder any of them make it. But they do….
    Thanks for your posts. I enjoy them.

    • Bob says:

      No, I’ve just been around a lot of Canadians. :O) The chicks are even smaller than they look as they are actually smaller than the egg they came out of and can get threw one inch chicken wire, so they can be hard to keep in when they are real small.

  2. Patritia I Richards says:

    I love to hear about your non-working rides. Such beautiful views up there.
    Love the hammock idea!
    Cute baby chick’s, had to zoom in to see the black guy.

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