Fixed Battery Gets Acid and Home Is Where I Needed To Be Today

Thursday February 7, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Plans change

My plan today was to head on out for a yak but when I woke I was not feeling up to par so I stayed in bed for a couple more hours before I got it going and was not feeling too good when I did get it going.

So I canceled the yak trip and stayed home where I was near a bathroom.

Battery filled with acid and no leaks

I was able to get out and fill the battery with the patched hole in it with acid fluid.battery


The voltage on the battery after putting in the acid was 12.8 which showed it had a good charge, but since I wasn’t feeling good I put it on the charger to even all the cells out.

I fed and let the chickens out to graze then went back in the house to take it easy.

Pesky rats

Later in the day I was able get outside again and cut and installed this board to help keep the big rats out of my chicken pens.board


Shawn Woods on mice and rats

I also spent a good deal of time at Shawn’s web page.

You may want to visit his web page as he has a lot of good info on what and what doesn’t work on mice and rats

Spring is still popping

My daffodils continue to bloom even with the little bit of sun we’ve had between the rains.daff


Feeling better

Around 5 I was starting to feel a bit better as I went outside to close up the chickens for the day.

Not a real good day. I realized it was a good thing I stayed home and didn’t go kayaking as home is where I needed to be today.

That was my day.

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  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that your repaired Battery appears to be good and has a good charge.
    Good to take care of yourself if you not feeling well, better luck tomorrow.

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