An Evening Kayak at Jenner

Saturday, June 8, 2013, Jenner, CA.

I had to work on the car first

The plan for the day was to install a new axle on my car as the old one’s rubber boots are cracked and leaking grease all over the place. I got the car jacked up and the wheel off and got it all apart.

The car is all apart and the old axle is off in the picture below.



The old axle is in front of the new one. Note the rubber boots are cracked open on the old one. No good. :O)



I took my time on this job and had it all back together by about two PM. A nap was in order and something to eat too.

I thought it would be good to do an evening kayak today, so I napped some more until about four thirty PM and headed for Jenner. Nice thing about going late is most of the people have left for the day and parking isn’t a problem.

Steve was already there and had been for the day, but I joined him and we headed over to the island and around the back side where we went ashore near the west end.

This is where we went ashore for awhile near the west end of Penny Island. It was evening and the wind was down, with some fog.



There were some geese near by that seemed to have come in for the night.



Eventually we headed down to the river’s mouth area. Some pelicans came in and landed to bath and likely stay for the night.



Yesterday, I reported that we watched the river’s mouth close with sand while we were there. That sand has built up even higher as you can see in the picture below of where the river water is supposed to go to the ocean, but is now blocked with sand. Some seals taking it easy down there too.



The ocean was rough again today. Even though it was low tide, the waves were breaking over the jetty. Note the brown waves. Lot’s of sand still being piled up by this action. The sand gets washed up and over the jetty and settles on the backside making a damn.



See how the waves with the sand wash over the jetty and deposit sand to form a damn in the river.


While we were down at the mouth, the fog started coming in some more and was a bit on the wet side and getting a bit chilly. So instead of staying until dark as I’d planned, we headed on home and were off the water around eight PM.

Had a nice day and got the car fixed too. :O)

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