Mystical Fog, The Jenner Visitor Center Plans and Shopping for a Trip

Tuesday June 16, 2015 Jenner CA.

A foggy day

I could see Jenner was pretty fogged in as I approached in my car today. It was a fog that looked interesting, if you know what I mean, mystical.

I put my boat in and parked my car. As I was headed to my boat, I saw a guy that is a volunteer at the visitor center which I know a bit so I stopped and talked with him to find out about the town meeting the other day where they discussed what was going to happen with the visitor center as far as repairs and construction. He had some good info on that which I will relay near the end of this post.

Crossing in the fog

I put my boat in the water and this was what it looked like as I crossed the river. A bit foggy, but the wind was down nicely. Looking up the river where I’m headed.foggy


This great white egret was fishing by Penny Island as I paddled on by. It’s getting use to me and didn’t fly off.egret


As you can see, the wind was down as I paddled along through these water grasses.river


Sun comes out

About a half mile up the river, the fog started to clear and the sun even came out. I paddled along here up to about as far as you can see on the river and sat for a spell.paddling


The sun was out where I was, but back at the town of Jenner the fog was still trying to make up it’s mind whether to come in or go out.jenner


I didn’t stay too long today as I want to get back early and do a shopping run at the shopping center, mostly Costco for supplies for my upcoming trip.

Circling osprey

As I was paddling back this osprey flew by circling looking for a fish to dive on. I thought it was going to dive several times, but it didn’t and I paddled off.osprey


I stopped in this spot. It’s one of my favorite ones and I just sat for a bit enjoying the view watching the fog going out and the sun coming out.jenner2


The visitor center information

As I approached the visitor center I took this photo to show what’s going to happen to it for now from what I got from the guy earlier. The state parks people were thinking of putting a new metal roof on it and raising the front deck to the level of the side deck and repairing a bunch of loose boards which came apart when the river level rose a bit last winter.

They would also like to rise the whole thing up in the future. But………………there’s no money to rise it up or do the repairs that way, so it was decided at the town meeting to repair the shake roof and repair the deck boards as they are for now. If they ever raise the place up, the whole place might need to be replaced, so it’ wiser not to try to find the money to do anything but repair it for now. Sounds good to me.

So, at least for now, it will continue to look like this which, I think is the way all the town people like it. :O)visitcenter


Fogs moved out over the ocean

As I crossed over to the boat ramp this was the view down the river towards the ocean.westview


I pulled my boat out of the water and went on home for a bit.

Did my shopping

Then I headed to Santa Rosa to Costco to shop and returned home again.

Needed to pick the ripe blueberries

Since I’ll be off on a trip soon, I needed to do something with the blueberries that are ripe, so I took the cover off and picked about a gallon of them.

Here’s the blueberry bushes with ripe berries.blueberries


And here’s the blueberries I picked today. Blueberries freeze real well without doing anything special to them and that’s where most of these berries are going..blueberry


Prepped the van some more

After that, I greased my van and checked the oils in the transmission and transfer case. They are both low about a half inch, which is ok, but I may top them up? I also checked the air pressure in the tires and all is good with them. And the engine oil and water were checked and everything on the engine looks good to go hoses and belts.

I put most of the food I bought today where it belonged in cupboards in the van. I will do a little more shopping at the local market tomorrow and I’ll be ready to go.

That was my day.

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