Checking Forest Roads and Springs, Chickens and Tomatoes

Sunday October 5, 2014 Guerneville CA.

I decided to stay home today and enjoy what’s right in front of me.

After a slow time getting it going, I did some chair hopping in my yard for awhile, mostly minding the water as I watered things in the yard.

I wasn’t feeling especially motivated today, so a nap was in order and some more chair hopping.

In the afternoon, I got enough energy to  hop on my quad runner for a little ride in the forest. I thought I’d check on the spring water flow to see how it was doing and I wanted to see how the roads were holding up and where there were trees down that needed to be cleared, so off I went.

This is the road I took to get up the hill, not much traffic.pigwallow


I rode on up to the top of the hill and took this picture of where the town of Guerneville is, at the end of that green field which is a grape vineyard of Korbel Winery’s.Guerneville


On the way back down the hill, I checked out this road through the trees. A bit of tree wood, but not too bad.forestroad


I went on by this spot where a big fir tree fill a few years ago and blocked the road.quadride


And not far from that, I ran into my first tree blockage. I was able to break a few small limbs off the tree and squeak under it.treedown


Eventually, I made it down to where our spring water tanks were located and went to the water inlet valves from the springs and tested the water for how much flow. Just under three gallons a minute. That means things are normal and no problems with leaks in the incoming lines.springwater


After checking the water flow, I continued on down past our water storage tanks.watertanks


And on down to my brother’s chicken range. His chickens make eggs for his Armstrong Valley Farm operation, which he sells at farmer’s markets. These chickens have it pretty nice.chickens


I went by some of his tomatoes that are over the hill, from the recent rains.  I was thinking I need to come back and get some for tomato soup.tomatoes

I came home and did some more chair hopping and watering and that was my day for an enjoyable one.

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